AHS 4|24 - Artificial Intelligence & Data Governance

Date: 20. Aug. 2024

Price: free

Discover the critical intersection of AI and data governance in our session "Artificial Intelligence & Data Governance". This session outlines the importance of data governance in ensuring data quality, regulatory compliance and ethical considerations when implementing data and AI solutions. It covers key AI & Data governance principles, standards and frameworks, as well as the role of data governance in building AI readiness and managing AI risks within organizations. Attendees will gain insights into developing and implementing strategies, tools and technologies for effective AI & Data governance and explore emerging trends and future challenges in the field.

AHS 5|24 - Generate value through ISACA IT Framework: Aligning strategic IT alignment with business goals using COBIT 2019

Date: 08. Oct. 2024

Price: free

In an era where technology and business strategies go hand in hand, harmonising IT governance and management with business objectives is key to the success of leading organisations. My presentation will use a specific audit to highlight how we, as internal auditors, use the COBIT framework to not only review this alignment, but also strategically plan our subsequent audits to target where they will provide the most value in achieving organisational objectives.

AHS 6|24 - Cybercrime? Cyber attacks? Human vulnerability !!!

Date: 03. Dec. 2024

Price: free

New variants of criminal activities are constantly being developed to illegally obtain information and data, highly developed technologies, processes, patents and customer information. The motives lie in the realisation of financial gain or the acquisition of power. 

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