Yann Borboën; Vincent Colonna; Jerome Mingard, PwC; Organizational Controls – Technical Measures

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As cybersecurity threats evolve and compound over time, enterprise data protection strategies must adapt and respond to the emerging threat landscape. Find out how mature organizations have use technology to enable their data protection programs. Leveraging real cases, the session will provide key learnings to help you implement a successful data protection program at your organization.

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Yann Borboën ...

Vincent Colonna has more than 12 years of experience in technology consulting. He helps organizations in various business sectors manage their cybersecurity and privacy risks, either assessing the maturity of their capabilities or assisting them in the implementation of organizational and technical measures to mitigate risks. He has performed several assessments of the maturity of data protection programs, helping clients identify gaps and build a prioritized initiative roadmap to bring their data protection programs to the next level.

Jerome Mingard ...


Yann Borboën; Vincent Colonna; Jerome Mingard,